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Notices from CA Dev and CA-Tools Dev moved to Talk Page. Please go there for further discussion, as events surrounding the topic of this article continue to develop. 15:50, June 17, 2011 (UTC)

CA-Tools logo

CA-Tools is a useful bookmarklet that works in Firefox and Chrome (and maybe other browsers).

It has a number of useful features including:

  • Moving home tab bar to the top of the window and making most sub tabs accessible via drop menu.
  • A quick way to switch heroes.
  • A mass gift acceptor and return favor option.
  • Elite Guard Auto Builder
  • Elite Friend Inviter
  • Quick Heal button
  • Easy 'Drag & Drop' Guild Battle Formation (Guild Masters & Officers Only)
  • Buy 'old' Generals on Oracle page.

CA-Tools bar


  • about Stat Indexes - References:


  • Q: A new version has been released, how do i update?
    • A: Updates are made automatically, just restart your browser
  • Q: How can i install CA-Tools?

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