100vs100 Donations

Winter Season

Main article: Guild Battles/100vs100 Battles#Purchasable rewards
Item Name Image Type Atk Def Donation
(Guild Coin)
Special Note
Assassin's Greaves Assassins Greaves Boots 38 9 250 Bronze 50 +5 Wind Pierce
+10 Attack to Strider
Gladiator's Hope Gladiators Hope Amulet 40 30 12000 Gold 300 +1% Critical Hit chance
+1% Critical Hit chance to Maalvus
Judicar's Helm Judicars Helm Helmet 55 65 27500 Platinum 500 1 slot
+8 Physical Resistance
+20 Defense to Meekah
Death Touch Scythe Death Touch Scythe Weapon 55 25 35000 Platinum 500 1 slot
+5 Physical Pierce
+20 Attack to Lotus Ravenmoore
Nightfel Katara Nightfel Katara Off-Hand 75 22 42500 Platinum 500 1 slot
+8 Physical Pierce
+20 Attack to Deshara

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