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Battle Rank is a ranking system based on the number of Battle Points accumulated through PvP Battle.

There are currently 21 different battle ranks, and the 21 ranks are divided into 7 different tiers. The final tier, containing rank 22, is as of yet not completely confirmed but Castle Age does contain an image/icon for this rank.

  • As a player reaches certain amounts of battle points, they will be awarded an increased rank, a new title and a reward.
  • Once a battle point amount is hit, a player will maintain the best TIER (NOT Rank) achieved, even if their battle points fall below the threshold. A player Will fall down a Rank if they lose enough battle points. Keep an eye on your battle points so you maintain your rank.
  • Unfortunately, if battle points fall below what's needed for a rank, any item, magic, or soldier rewards won't be purchasable ("(locked)" will appear instead of amount drop down menu) in Town until needed battle points are regained.
  • Players that have not engaged in Battle will have a rank of zero with the title "No Rank".
  • At present (Jan 2011), the game will not allow a player to accumulate more than 100,011 battle points, or 100,000 plus any remnant from the previous battle won. A player can lose battle points and re-accumulate them to reach 100,000 again, but there is no 'pad room' above the 100,000 level.

Battle Ranks

Rank Title Battle Points Reward
1  Scout 100    Skill point +5 Skill Points
2  Soldier 250    Skill point +5 Skill Points
3  Elite Soldier 450    Gladiator Sword Gladiators Sword
4  Squire 700    Skill point +5 Skill Points
5  Knight 1,200    Skill point +5 Skill Points
6  First Knight 2,000    Valor Knight Valor Knight
7  Legionnaire 3,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
8  Centurion 5,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
9  Champion 7,500    Champions Aura Champions Aura
10  Lieutenant Commander 10,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
11  Commander 14,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
12  High Commander 19,500    Commanders Plate Commanders Plate
13  Lieutenant General 22,500    Skill point +5 Skill Points
14  General 27,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
15  High General 32,500    Archangel Archangel
16  Baron 37,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
17  Earl 43,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
18  Duke 50,000    Royal Seal Royal Seal
19  Prince 62,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
20  King 80,000    Skill point +5 Skill Points
21  High King 100,000   High Kings Crown High Kings Crown
 Ruler of Castle Age ??? ???

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