Backstab large
+X Damage to Enemy in Guild Battles with Full Health
Rune Bonus
Bonus Damage: +Y% of caster's damage rune
Class: Rogue


Level Effect Obtained From
I damage +20 + 10% caster damage rune benefit Annihilator Chest
II damage +40 + 20% caster damage rune benefit Annihilator Chest
III damage +70 + 35% caster damage rune benefit Alchemy
IV damage +85 + 40% caster damage rune benefit Alchemy
V damage +95 + 45% caster damage rune benefit Alchemy
Ambush damage +50 + 25% caster damage rune benefit Guild Shop


  • Backstab bonus damage will be applied on a duel victory against a full health target, regardless if it is offensive or defensive[citation needed].
  • Backstab still works even when the attacker stunned[1].

General Boost

General Comment
Hero dominus Dominus
  • At level 4, Dominus increases damage by +76.
  • At level 20, Dominus increases damage by +132.
  • At level 54, Dominus increases damage by +200.

Special Inclusion

Power Comment
Ambush 1 Ambush
Although Ambush has a different name and picture, it is considered to be the same ability as its effect is similar. Thus, it cannot be used at the same time as Backstab.


  • The bonus only applies when the target is at full health so Rogues with the power must be the first to strike before anyone else. Having full health at mid-battle, especially in the Arena, is very rare and would mostly indicate a very tough opponent (if he/she is still undamaged). The power is best utilized at the start of the battle. Excellent and fast coordination is a must if the team wants to optimize on the small window of opportunity to really make this power useful.


  • Due to the limited opportunity for best using the ability, Backstab is a hardly useful ability. It is recommended to skip buying Ambush and not to try the Annihilator chest just to land the power.
    • If you do get it while rolling for other things (like trying to get Raziel), don't go out of your way and try to maximize it's potential by coming out of the gate and unloading your initial tokens before anyone else. Sometimes, it's best to wait and see how the other team play and adjust from there. This is especially so in the Arena and Festival battles.


  • The picture in the ability is seems to be the weapon Drakken Blade.
  • The picture in Ambush is part of the soldier Guardian of Alyzia.
  • Original abilities were augmented to include the caster's damage rune benefit on April 17, 2013.


  1. Backstab-stunned