An Artifact is a trophy earned for completing a quest area, or (in the case of the Atlantis map) completing a certain alchemy recipe. They have no in-game effect, and serve primarily as a way of marking progress through the quest areas. You typically gain an artifact when you unlock and complete the boss quest for a quest area for the first time (you can complete the quest multiple times, and receive a notice that you acquired a specific artifact, but you will only ever have one copy of an artifact in your inventory).

"Artifacts" appear in the Artifacts section on the Stats tab of the Keep area.

However, other items have the word "artifact" in their name, but just do not appear in Artifacts section of the Stats tab.

Stats Artifacts

All these artifacts are listed in your Keep on the Stats tab under the Heroes section. Except for the Map of Atlantis, all the other artifacts are Crystals received via special quests at the end of each land or realm set of quests.

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Crystal of Fire
Crystal Fire
Obtained from the Land of Fire's Special Mission: Gift of Earth.
Crystal of Earth
Crystal Earth
Obtained from the Land of Earth's Special Mission: Eye of the Storm.
Crystal of Air
Crystal Air
Obtained from the Land of Mist's Special Mission: Heart of Fire.
Crystal of Water
Crystal Water
Obtained from the Land of Water's Special Mission: A Look into the Darkness.
Demon Crystal
Crystal Demon
Obtained from the Demon Realm's Special Mission: The Rift.
Death Crystal
Crystal Death
Obtained from the Undead Realm's Special Mission: Undead Embrace.
Crystal of Hades
Crystal Hades
Obtained from the Underworld's Special Mission: Confrontation.
Map of Atlantis
Atlantis Map
Provides access to Atlantis; Obtained from the Alchemy Quest, Create Atlantean Map.

Gift Artifacts

These artifacts are among the gifts that players send to each other in-game. They are more artifacts in name and are not recognized in other game contexts s such.

Mystery Artifact (Sophia)
Mystery Artifact v3
Battlegarb Piece 1 of 5, Battlegarb Piece 2 of 5, Battlegarb Piece 3 of 5, Battlegarb Piece 4 of 5, and Battlegarb Piece 5 of 5
Mystery Ice Artifact
Mystery Ice Artifact
Ice Shard 1 of 5, Ice Shard 2 of 5, Ice Shard 3 of 5, Ice Shard 4 of 5, Ice Shard 5 of 5
Mystery Artifact
Mystery Artifact v2
Sun Amulet, Hour Glass, and Silver Mace
Mystery Artifact (discontinued)
Mystery Artifact
Dragonbane Shard 1 of 6, Dragonbane Shard 2 of 6, Dragonbane Shard 3 of 6, Dragonbane Shard 4 of 6, Dragonbane Shard 5 of 6, and Dragonbane Shard 6 of 6

Other Artifacts

Alpha Bahamut Artifact
Alpha Bahamut Artifact
An ingredient to make Transcendence amulet

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