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"Legendary cheiftain of a mountain tribe of barbarians, Aroldir serves only to protect his people from those who encroach on their territory. Once enraged in battle, the mighty Aroldir is unstoppable and it is best to stay out of his path."
Special Ability
Increase Player Defense by +X
Origin: Awakening
Recruit Method
Purchase for 22,500,000 gold.

Stats & Levels

Level Attack Defense Ability
1 12 10 +3 Player Defense
2 13 11 +4 Player Defense
3 14 12 +5 Player Defense
4 15 13 +6 Player Defense


  • Aroldir seems to be wearing the Slayer Helm and holding the Eradicator Hammer, both of which are prizes in the Duel Champion event in the original Castle Age.

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