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This article is about the monster. For the hero, see Alperon.
Monster alperon large

Alperon, the Corrupted can be summoned on the Alchemy Summons page if you have an Orb of Alperon Orb of Alperon, which comes from gifts, and are at least level 450.

You have 168 hours to complete the battle before he flees.

Basic Information

Alperon, the Corrupted has 1.01 Billion health. Up to 170 people total may participate in the battle. Of these participants, only a set number can participate based on that player's level at the time of joining the battle.

  • 75 people levels 150+
  • 35 people levels 100-149
  • 30 people levels 50-99
  • 30 people levels 1-49

This battle uses the Monster Class, Piercing/Resistance, Divine Power and Target Area systems.

Special Information

Target Areas

Alperon has four different areas that can be attacked, each with its own health and resistance :

  • Head (415 million health) - Dispatch to defeat Alperon.
  • Soulheart (415 million health) - Dispatch to defeat Alperon.
  • Arm (90 million health) - Dispatch to enable Fire Weakness on the Head. Reduces damage to Head by a maximum of 27% while alive.
  • Soulshield (90 million health) - Dispatch to enable Fire Weakness on the Soulheart. Reduces damage to Soulheart by a maximum of 27% while alive.
  • Demonic Cultist (1.5 million health) - Demonic Cultists are randomly summoned to players that are attacking Alperon and do not have Water Resistance. Only that specific player is able to attack the Demonic Cultist, and the player is marked with a spiral symbol Alperon icon next to their name in the leaderboard. Damage done to it is not recorded on the leaderboard. Reduces damage to all parts by a maximum of 20% with full life.

Submonster frame alperon

When the Demonic Cultist is defeated, the player has a chance to find a Fragment of Water Protection Fragment of Water Protection. 16 of these can be combined through alchemy to create Dull Gem of Water Protection.


Alperon has Piercing and Water Resistances, and Fire Weaknesses.

  • Head - +18 Piercing Resistance (Max block 18%), +15 Water Resistance (Max block 5%), -10 Fire Weakness (Maximum bonus 10%, enabled when Arm is defeated)
  • Soulheart - +18 Piercing Resistance (Max block 18%), +15 Water Resistance (Max block 5%), -10 Fire Weakness (Maximum bonus 10%, enabled when Soulshield is defeated)
  • Arm - +18 Piercing Resistance (Maximum block 18%), +15 Water Resistance (Max block 5%)
  • Soulshield - +18 Piercing Resistance (Maximum block 18%), +15 Water Resistance (Max block 5%)

Divine Armor

All parts of Alperon have Divine Armor. This armor requires 670 Divine Power to get full damage, and blocks a maximum of 30% with no Divine Power, degrading by 0.045% for each point of Divine Power you have.

Siege Weapons

While fighting Alperon, there are 5 siege weapons that can be launched to deal extra damage.
All Siege Weapons hit Alperon's Head and Soulheart and are unaffected by blocks and resistances.
*Alperon's Head and Soulheart has 830,000,000 HP

Name Clicks Damage Dealt

%HP Dealt*

Valerian Soldiers Valerian Soldiers 15 55,000,000 dmg
3,666,667 dmg/click
6.63 %
0.44 % per click
Elven Rangers Elven Rangers 30 61,000,000 dmg
2,033,333 dmg/click
7.35 %
0.24 % per click
Dwarven Militia Dwarven Militia 45 69,000,000 dmg
1,533,333 dmg/click
8.31 %
0.18 % per click
Paladin Allies Paladin Allies 60 77,000,000 dmg
1,283,333 dmg/click
9.28 %
0.15 % per click
Hero Allies Hero Allies 75 85,000,000 dmg
1,133,333 dmg/click
10.24 %
0.14 % per click
Totals 225 347,000,000 dmg
1,542,222 dmg/click
41.81 %
0.19 % per click

  • Weapons are confirmed

Thing to keep in mind: do not kill Head or Soulheart before the launch of the last weapon, as essentially half of the weapon is 'wasted' on the dead part (NOT CONFIRMED)


Alperon Summoned

no text

Alperon Slain

Cassandra's pursuit for power is unquenchable. By tracking her movements, you were able to discover her plans to sacrifice thousands of souls to fulfill a pact with the Demon Lord, Baal. You decided to launch an attack on Baal's feeding grounds, an attempt that narrowly succeeded through the assistance of a mysterious fighter Alperon. Shortly after escaping from Baal's domain, Baal's own shadow (given life by his newly acquired power) was summoned to hunt them down. The ensuing battle was hard fought but eventually your company emerged victorious. The Lord of Darkness's defeat however was not without loss – it managed to get what it came for. Alperon was swallowed alive by that dark shadow and carried off into the hell gate.

Troubling visions have plagued your nights ever since. Within these dark dreams, a powerful force whispers, "Return...". You can distinguish no other words, yet the tone is haunting and unmistakable. You recognize the voice in your dreams; it belongs to your friend and companion, Alperon. Is he still alive imprisoned beneath the earth? Is he trying to send a message? What does he mean by "Return..."?

You decide to travel back across the bridge of souls in an attempt to find the source of your visions. Your company once again journeys through the portal. By following the strange visions from your dreams, you navigate through a hidden passage to a set of catacombs beneath the great hall. The floor of this cavern is mossy and great lichened rocks erupt from the ground in spiky patches. A dim light projects from crystal stones lining the swollen and twisted walls. A rune-scarred cavern leads you up a winding path. During your ascent, you cross a rushing stream where a torrent of souls pours endlessly from the mountains ridge. The crevice leads up to a rise where the rigid hill climbs again to heights above the waterfalls. There a fissure in the farthest corner that leads to a hollow beyond – there you find haunting sepulchral place whose granite walls hold a semblance of conscious artifice. Chains and implements of torture line the walls, marking a prison for the damned. A bodiless voice blasts from the fracture in the rock. A vortex of withering, ice-cold wind coils around your party.

"You should not have come, hero. There is nothing left for you here, except misery and defeat."

The bodies chained against the wall spring to life. Their empty eyes burn with a renewed vigor, and they pull and rattle against their shackles. A figure emerges from the depths. Though heavy iron restraints hang from its wrists, it pulls out a glowing shield and hammer and then points to you with its clawed hand. The booming voice continues. "You will serve the dark lord, as I do. You resist but I shall set you free." The forms of demonic cultists dance around gibbering in mad delight, their chants echoing off the prison walls. Your army begins to fend of the ghoulish captives. Their strength is unimaginable, cleaving though steel as easy as one would break bread. The revenant swings his hammer in an arc knocking down all around him. He continues his charge straight at you, flailing the hammer wildly back and forth. Each of his assaults pushes you backwards as you block blow after blow from his war hammer. You helplessly try to return attacks but they glance harmlessly off his shield. Your focus is locked on this demon lord looking for any weakness.

You see an opportunity and grab onto the chain hanging from his arms and quickly dive beneath his figure. You manage to wrap the chain around a pillar and pull it taut. The shackle twists his arm back pulling his shield arm away from his body. The demon lets out a sickening howl as he pulls relentlessly against his restraint. You seize this moment to attack. Your attack strikes above the shoulder cutting deep into his torso. With your weapon buried in your opponent you do not have time to react to his next swing and it throws you sprawling across the ground. Dazed, he raises his hammer high above his head preparing for the final blow. In this instant, he looks at you and as if some unknown force is holding him back, the look of malice flickers to one of sorrow. He hesitates while you do not. Twisting the sword still lodged in his body you pierce his heart.

A dark shadow bleeds off his body, revealing his features. Although twisted and demonic, there is no doubt your mind this soulless husk is all that remains of Alperon. You hold onto his body, gaunt and lean, coated with blood and shreds of demonic flesh, sharp ensanguined fangs, and leering sentient eyes... a twisted mockery of his once gallant figure. "Finish what we have started", he coughs and sputters, as he hands you a small token wrapped in cloth. "Return... to where it all began." With those final words, his form evaporates into a cloud of smoke.


Rewards While Fighting Alperon

Demonic Cultist Drops

Fragment of Water Protection Fragment of Water Protection

Damage Essence 108 Damage Essence

Rewards After Slaying Alperon

Monster alperon dead

Rare Drops Epic Drops Legendary Drop

Soulspike Shield Soulspike Shield
Off-Hand: Attack:20 Defense:18
Soulspike Helm Soulspike Helm
Helmet: Attack:33 Defense:30
Soul Shackles Soul Shackles
Gloves: Attack:7 Defense:10
Alperons Soul Alperons Soul
Amulet: Attack:18 Defense:30

Treads of Corruption Treads of Corruption
Boots: Attack:7 Defense:7
Soulheart Plate Soulheart Plate
Armor: Attack:36 Defense:35
Soul Emblem Soul Emblem

Bronze Ore of Physical Resistance Bronze Ore of Physical Resistance

Bronze Ore of Physical Piercing Bronze Ore of Physical Piercing

Dull Shard of Water Protection Dull Shard of Water Protection

Dull Shard of Water Fury Dull Shard of Water Fury

Soul Chains Soul Chains

Loot Damage Threshold

Amended: October 20, 2014

  • 1 Epic Drop
    • Starts: 4.9 million damage
    • 99%: 8.5 million
  • 2 Epic Drop
    • Starts: 10.01 million damage
    • 99%: 15.2 million
  • Legendary Drop
    • Starts: 11,234,798
    • 99%: 21.2 million

Source: former CA: Research Lab spreadsheet on GoogleDocs, now accessible through CA: Archives



  • Introduced May 1, 2013

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