Generals Epheles
Equipment Mystic Sword x1  
Random Soldier Drop
Crystal Drop
Orb Drop Orb of Magdalena
Coming Soon
Affliction map
You appear to be back on the surface after defeating Selenia. You stare at your crimson red hand and realize that something is terribly wrong. You can no longer hear Persephone's voice. You reach atop your head and feel sharp little horns protruding from it. You are hungry and tired. You see dim lights in the distance. You pull your cloak around you tighter, doing your best to conceal your new "features" and begin the long, cold walk towards the light...

Affliction is the 6th area available for questing in Castle Age: Heart of Darkness.

Main Quest 1: Forsaken

With your cloak wrapped around you tightly, you walk towards the town. The night is dark and an uneasy mist surrounds you. It's almost if something is watching you. Make your way to town quickly!

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required
Energy Required 30
Experience Gain 34
Experience/Energy 1.13
Average Gold Gain 1,212,500
Gold/Energy 40,400

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence

14 (7.5%)

Main Quest 2: The Inn

You finally make your way into town and step into the first lit building you see. You are greeted by an old innskeeper. He smiles you warmly and offers you a room to stay in for the night. What a nice old man.

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required Mystic Sword x1
Energy Required 27
Experience Gain 32
Experience/Energy 1.19
Average Gold Gain 985,000
Gold/Energy 36,500

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence

12 (9%)

Main Quest 3: Shadows Awake

You fall into a deep sleep. Your dreams seem to come to life as you feel shadowy arms pulling you down into the dark depths. Something wakes you abruptly and you realize that your dreams are not dreams at all. You grab your sword and swing wildy at the shadowy apparitions. You scramble to your feet and jump out the window of the inn and land roughly on the ground below!

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required
Energy Required 22
Experience Gain 28
Experience/Energy 1.27
Average Gold Gain 855,000
Gold/Energy 38,900

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence

13 (8%)

Main Quest 4: Blight

As you try to find an escape from the cursed town, you find your path blocked by disfigured bodies. They seem possessed and in no mood to talk. You draw your blade and prepare to fight your way through!

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required Epheles Epheles
Energy Required 28
Experience Gain 33
Experience/Energy 1.18
Average Gold Gain 1,305,000
Gold/Energy 46,600

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence

10 (10%)

Main Quest 5: Escape

The legion of possessed villagers seems to be never-ending. At this rate, you will be overcome. You have few options left. To your north you spot a large tower. You hope you can buy some time and find a way out there. As you scramble away, one of the villagers rips your cloak off revealing your own disfigured form.

General Required Any General Any General Icon
Soldiers/Equipment Required
Energy Required 32
Experience Gain 39
Experience/Energy 1.22
Average Gold Gain 902,000
Gold/Energy 28,200

Quest Completions Before 100% Influence

17 (6%)

Special Mission: Cursed

You make your way up the tower stairs and realize you may have forced yourself to a dead end. The legion of possessed villagers continue to follow you. As you pass through a large door, you shut it and bolt it shut. It should buy you some time. You turn around and see a beautiful woman obscured by the shadows.

Energy Required 100
Soldiers/Equipment Required
Experience Gain 110
Experience/Energy 1.1
Average Gold Gain 2,200,000
Gold/Energy 22,000
Crystal Drop None
Chance of Orb of Magdalena (Alchemy/Magic) Drop 100%

Orb of Magdalena

Orb of Magdalena

Magdalena: "We were not always mindless savages. We were simple folk until that fateful day when we were approached by that mysterious figure. We were promised beauty, riches and immortality. It seemed as if the promises were true but as time passed, we became monsters. We were foolish to accept such a promise. We now live cursed lives!… Interesting. I see you are afflicted just as we are. You belong with us. We are one and the same!"

You:"I am nothing like you! I did not chase foolish promises. You brought this affliction upon yourselves!"

Magdalena: "You think you are better than us? We might have traded our souls for vanity and riches but have you asked yourself what you gave your soul up for?"

You: "…"

Magdalena: "We will claim you as one of our own!"


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